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Office 365 Backup

Office 365 helps you with basic protection to deal with some of the things that could damage your data, but there are few things that it doesn’t protect you from and there are some other side effects to certain optional protection features they offer you with. Though you may feel that you are well protected, the restoration process is quite tedious and intensive, if you do not have access to a third-party tool.   So undoubtedly, backup is a great option for all business enterprises. The main reason as to why Office 365 should be protected by a third-party tool is because of the age-old concept of 3-2-1 rule of backups. This is the concept wherein three copies of your data will be available on two different pieces of media, one of which should be offsite. This works like backing up your laptop files into another slice on your local hard drive. Using a third-party backup tool would help you to easily find and restore as many files as you need or restore an entire user or folder to a point in time. So, you just need to get involved in one step, instead of a thousand steps. You can protect your data from accidental mistakes, wherein SharePoint and OneDrive offer you with versioning.Office365 now enables 500 versions by default. You can also check if versioning is enabled in your account currently, and if not enable the option for the same. While 500 versions, may seem quite a lot to you, Office 365 is continuously saving multiple versions of your document, while you are working on it. SaaS productivity apps like Microsoft Office 365make a lot of sense in today’s mobile world- the advantage they provide you with easy access to documents from any device and improved collaboration is obvious. However, many organizations, have the mis-concept that having an Office 365 means you need no backup at all, while Microsoft does not guarantee fast and complete restore of deleted or corrupted Office 365 data. Microsoft makes guarantees that it won’t lose your data but does not guarantee about recovering your lost data.   Why Should You Protect Against Data Loss?  

This is exactly why Microsoft recommends you have a third party backup in service availability in its services agreement. Why UPICK TECHNOLOGY?