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Nationwide Emergency 24/7 Onsite IT Support

We are driven by innovation and deliver efficient and comprehensive IT Support services that benefits all business to work differently 24/7. Our expertise in technology adaption and practice is widely spread across multiple segments, making us the choicest IT partner among some of the leading banks and finance organizations in the region.  As businesses depends more and more on technology to carry out their operations and support their end-customers. If you are leveraging any kind of technology platforms, it is high time that you have established a strong, reliable and scalable IT support wing that can help you get things right. This is exactly what Emtech’s IT Support can offer through with its proactive support services just as you would love.

How Can UPICK TECHNOLOGY’s IT Support Help You?

While many businesses have certain IT support wings for their business, most of them cannot handle the stress and challenges that come with a ransomware attack or anything of that sort. That is exactly why you need a team of experts that you can rely on to put back frameworks and infrastructures that are attacked by malwares to be put back. Then you can call us, UPICK TECHNOLOGY. With our team working round the clock monitoring your IT infrastructure and watching over it for any suspicious activities, you get access to the knowledge and expertise of savvy, insightful and experienced team round the clock. Not only can Emtech’s IT support can work to create an environment where your infrastructure is protected and secured from threats, it can also empower your own in-house security team to face any of the challenges that might come your way. 

Proactive Support Program As an experienced IT support team, we do not wait for things to happen. Instead we work proactively to patch any security issues as and when they happen. We also run regular diagnostics to make certain that every security measure is active and running. 

IT Support Strategy The business will be given an inventive IT support strategy according to which the business will address any and all security threats when they happen to accelerate the process of identification of the damage and its mitigation.  

An Inventive Security Framework As per the requirements and demands of your business and its operational nature, we help you create an excellent and comprehensive IT protection strategy to ensure that every loophole for an attack is checked and sealed.

In-House Team Training Though we work as an extension of your in-house team, we also share our expertise, knowledge and insights with your in-house team and offer them with the required training to handle any eventualities.  

What Makes UPICK TECHNOLOGY IT Support the Best in the Market?

As a veteran in the field of IT support, UPICK TECHNOLOGY’s clients range from world-class businesses to local offices in the UAE which makes us one of the most sought-after brands in the IT support vertical in the country. While our clientele makes us a name to reckon with, there are numerous unique differentiators that make us the best in the market;  

  1. 24/7 On-site Engineer for critical support
  2. Centralized service desk with unique help number and support portal
  3. Highly experienced team with over two decades of experience
  4. Remarkably qualified, experienced and trained engineers
  5. Extensive and state-of-the-art infrastructure to support the clients
  6. Dedicated Account managers to handle priority cases
  7. Professional engineers to offer onsite and remote support
  8. Accreditation from UAE Telephony Regulatory Authority  
  9. ISO 20001:2018 Certified
  10. SIRA Certified
  1. Professional engineers to offer onsite and remote helpWith these one-of-a-kind features and customized service options for each of the clients depending on their nature of their business, UPICK TECHNOLOGY can offer you a comprehensive veil of protection to sieve any kind of miscreants that may try to wreak havoc in your company’s technical infrastructure. That’s not happening under our watch. Like, at all.

    Hire Our IT Support Right Away  With extensive service support and technical know-how, we are here to take care of things for you when they go wrong. As we have associated with a bevy of businesses relying of diverse technical infrastructures and cloud platforms to take care of any and kinds of security breaches and threats, we can do that for you as well. No matter what type of IT infrastructure and cloud technology that you use, our subject matter experts will help you get back your assets and data swiftly so that you can resume your business operations without any delay. If you would like to know more about our expertise in the field and discuss about your requirements for potential associations, we are all ears.

    Want Answers for Your IT Support Requirements? Let’s Have a Fruitful Discussion for an Inventive IT Support Strategy